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HyTape Hypoallergenic Medical Tape hytape waterproof, perfect for wound care and scar protection

HyTape Zinc Oxide Waterproof Non-Reactive Medical Tape - 1 Pack (4.5m)



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The zinc oxide base protects the skin and prevents irritation. Can be applied to wet or oily skin without slipping or detaching. It is waterproof and washable, providing security even when exposed to moisture. It is thin, flexible, elastic, and will conform easily to body contours.

HyTape "The Original Pink Tape" is a versatile latex-free, non-reactive, adhesive tape suitable for dressing fixation, wound care, plastic surgery, dermatological care, device, and tube securement.


  • Latex-free 
  • Adhesive
  • Non-reactive
  • Gentle, zinc oxide tape
  • Suitable for skin of all types and ages
  • Suitable for delicate skin - able to be worn for extended periods
  • Adheres to skin under strenuous conditions (perspiration, humidity, drainage, and oily skin) provided the skin is clean and oil-free on application
  • Easily conforms to body shape without wrinkling or curling edges
  • Easily removed from fragile skin without trauma to the patient
  • Available in 7 different widths and supplied in a protective cardboard tube
  • Protects scars from the sun with its Ultraviolet Protective Factor (UPF) 50 rating
  • Protects against environmental factors