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Mindray 65C15EA Micro-Convex Array Transducer

Mindray 65C15EA Micro-Convex Array Transducer

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The Mindray 65C15EA Curved Array transducer has a frequency range of 5.0 MHz. - 8.5 MHz. and supports the following applications: Abdominal, Pediatrics, Musculoskeletal, Cardiac. The Mindray 65C15EA transducer is compatible with:

Mindray DP-50
Mindray DP-8800Plus
Mindray DP-6600
Mindray DP-6600Vet
Mindray DP-2200 Vet
Mindray DP-3300 Vet
Mindray DP-10
Mindray DP-20
Mindray DP-30
Mindray Z5 ultrasound systems.