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There are many different types of defibrillators and accessories that are made for a range of different purposes. They can be used in different areas to improve public safety and community health.

Mindray offers different types of defibrillators and AED accessories compatible for your defibrillators. A defibrillator is as good only if it works. Though it’s idle most of the time, one thing you need to make sure is its components and accessories would work at the time of need.

Here is the list of important Mindray AED accessories you need to have to be able to have a fully functional defibrillator that helps to resuscitate a patient in any emergency.

AED Wall Cabinet

defibrillator cabinet is a storage space for an automated external defibrillator (AED). It is usually located in public places like schools, airports, and hospitals. The benefits of having a defibrillator cabinet are the added security and stability of the AED placed in different environments and conditions. Having an AED nearby also provides a sense of security to the people who are in the area.

Protect your asset with this sturdy AED steel cabinet that will house your defibrillator in case of an emergency. It is a priority to protect your defibrillator with the proper equipment. This sturdy AED steel cabinet will house your Mindray AED in case of an emergency, plus the Alarm and Strobe but with no additional cost.

AED Replacement Battery

defibrillator battery replacement should be checked periodically and totally replaced within 2 years or so. This battery is an important part of the device as it provides power to the defibrillator which is responsible for delivering a shock to the heart. The defibrillator battery replacement process is not complicated, but it does require some knowledge of how the device works and how to handle it safely. In order to replace the battery, it is first necessary to take away the protective cover. This will expose the battery, and with a little effort, pull it out of its compartment. The new battery can then be inserted in the place of the old one.

Defibrillator Pads

Defibrillator pads are used to save lives. They are placed on the chest of a person who is in cardiac arrest and they deliver an electric shock to the heart. These pads are non-reusable and made of a conductive gel that conducts electricity and a metal plate that is attached to the gel. The metal plate is connected to an electrical source, which sends an electric current through the gel and into the person’s heart. The current from the defibrillator quickly resets the heart’s rhythm and begins normal cardiac function again.

The most common cause of cardiac arrest is when blood flow to the heart stops. This can happen suddenly or develop over time, usually due to a severe condition called coronary artery disease. To anticipate cases of sudden cardiac arrest, a highly-efficient defibrillator and accessories are very important to counter this fatal scenario.

Adult/Paediatric AED Electrode Pads

Defib replacement pads are used to replace the traditional defibrillator pads. They are placed on the chest of a patient with a potentially life-threatening cardiac event. These pads are connected to a defibrillator that sends an electric shock to restart the heart when necessary. They are made of fine, conductive fibers that spread between the electrodes and over the chest then connected to a defibrillator.

The benefits of defib replacement pads are that they can be applied quickly and easily, they don't require any training, and they can be used on patients who have been in contact with water or other liquids. Today, many hospitals are now replacing traditional pads with defib replacement pads. The cost of the pads is lower than the cost of traditional pads since they can be reused.

Defibrillator Alarm

A defibrillator alarm is a device that alerts people of a sudden cardiac arrest. The alarm can be triggered by the person who has suffered from sudden cardiac arrest or by someone else who notices it. The benefit of having a defibrillator alarm is that it can save lives and reduce the chance of death from sudden cardiac arrest due to a fast emergency response. A defibrillator alarm can be a watch, a bracelet, an app on a phone or other device, or even in the form of stickers. It is important to have one in order to save lives and reduce the chance of death from sudden cardiac arrest.

AED Backpack

An AED Backpack is designed to securely carry your AED in mobile situations. Adjust the strap to securely fit your AED and case. It is a perfect defibrillator mobility solution for quick access to your life-saving device in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest. This backpack has a large, open space that has an exclusive fit for your Mindray C Series defibrillators. There are many pockets and compartments that can be customized for different uses, to house important accessories and other equipment as needed.

This Mindray BeneHeart C Series Backpack is a comfortable and portable solution for all Mindray C Series AED. An AED backpack that provides easy access and a solution for a quick response during an emergency.