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Defibrillator Accessories

There are many different types of defibrillators and accessories that are made for a range of different purposes. They can be used in different areas to improve public safety and community health.

The portable defibrillators or AED's were made to be lightweight and small so they can easily fit into a bag or clothing. This type is also used by law enforcement personnel and first responders during an emergency situation, especially when they need to do CPR on an individual.

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Mindray BeneHeart Defibrillator Pads Basic Adul...

The BeneHeart MR60 is a basic adult defibulator pads for Mindray BeneHeart C Series, D1, D3 and D6. It is an AED pads for adults with pediatric capability suitable for children in a pediatric mode.



Mindray BeneHeart D1 Non-Rechargeable Replaceme...

The BeneHeart D1 Defibrillator Non-Rechargeable Replacement Battery Pack has an indicator that confirm its battery status. Capable to do 300 shocks at 200J, 200 shocks at 360J & 12 hrs of monitoring.



Defibrillator 1-PACK Multifunction Adult/Paedia...

1 pair multifunctional and disposable AED pads for pediatrics & adults. With pre-applied gel, cables & integrated self-adhesive for easy setup. Designed with a 1.2m long lead wire for extended range.


LSR Healthcare

Defibrillator AED Wall Cabinet With Alarm and S...

Protect your asset with this sturdy AED steel cabinet that will house your defibrillator in case of an emergency. You have the choice to have the Alarm and Strobe feature switched on or off.


LSR Healthcare

Defibrillator AED Wall Bracket, with mounting k...

AED Wall Bracket with mounting kit is compatible with any Mindray AED. Position your AED for easy access during emergency. This Mindray AED wall bracket provides easy mounting on walls or floors.



Mindray BeneHeart C Series Backpack (Red)

Mindray BeneHeart C Series Backpack is a comfortable and portable solution for all Mindray C Series AED. An AED backpack that provides easy access and solution for a quick response during emergency.



Mindray BeneHeart C-Series Non-Rechargeable Rep...

Li-Mno2 battery, 4200mAH, disposable, for C series AED only Non-Rechargeable Replacement Battery Pack compatible with C Series AED. A non-rechargeable replacement battery with 4 years stand-by life.


Mindray Accessories Australia

Mindray BeneHeart D3 Replacement Battery

Replacement battery for the Mindray BeneHeart D3 Defibrillator/Monitor. An energy-efficient replacement battery that works well for emergency defibrillator, portable defibrillator, and life support.



Defibrillator Multifunction Electrode Pads, Pae...

The Mindray MR61 is a disposable AED pads for paediatrics under 8 yrs without auto identification. A disposable defib pads suitable for Mindray BeneHeart D1, BeneHeart C Series, BeneHeart D3 and D6.


The fixed-site defibrillators are larger in size but more powerful than the portable ones. They are usually placed at a site that needs protection from sudden cardiac arrest, such as hospitals and schools.

AED Accessories - Defibrillator Batteries, Defib Pads. AED Cabinet. Replace your defibrillator pads or batteries regularly. You may also require additional accessories to help the defibrillation process as easy as possible in the event of an Emergency.