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Mindray VS8 Vital Signs Monitor

Mindray VS8 Vital Signs Monitor

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True to life

Main unit includes:

VS8 Standard, Non-Touchscreen, TrueBP, Mindray SpO2, EWS, BP average

SpO2 Accessory Kit, NIBP Accessory Kit

From inpatient admissions to spot checks, the VS 8 Vital Signs Monitor unlocks the full potential of routine observations with comprehensive and flexible workflow options empowering clinicians to deliver high quality bedside care to each and every patient.

The VS 8 delivers precision vital signs measurements at rapid speeds, maximizing patient comfort and clinical efficiency.

Mindray TrueBPTM inflation NIBP measurement in 15 seconds



Respiration Rate (RR) recorded from SpO2 finger sensor with Mindray TrueRespTM technology

SpO2 measurement options of Mindray, Masimo SET and Nellcor



Options of SmarTempTM, GeniusTM 3, Exergen TemporalScannerTM,
HeTaiDaTM thermometers.


  • To help ensure a timely reaction to patient deterioration and greater compliance with hospital guidelines, the VS8 provides a comprehensive range of vital signs parameters with a variety of tools to support clinical decisions.
  • Detecting patient deterioration with Early Warning Scores.
  • Fully compliant with all EWS standards, automatic scoring system limits the need for manual calculation and input, reducing transcription errors and improving patient safety.
  • Improving Hypertension Screening with BP Average.
  • Integrates a specific program to help practice unattended AOBP, since having an observer present when BP readings are obtained may lead to inaccurate values.

True to form quality and reliability

Trouble-free Cleaning

Validated with up to 51 leading cleaning agents, to aid faster wipe-downs and less degradation over time.

Easier installation

Step by step configure for your own clinical requirements with a smartphone-style Startup Wizard.

Complete workstation

Dedicated accessory management as you prefer

Tool-free design for faster installation under one minute

Quiet and smooth casters for ease of use